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Last weekend, I was in Santa Cruz with my brother Phil and his wife Vicky to visit my uncle Charles and aunt Phyllis (on my mom’s side).  Charles and Phyllis are gracious and enthusiastic hosts and we had a great time.  It was the first time I’d been there in like 20 years, but Phil and Vicky have gone several times with my Mom.  My sister Meridith and her husband Paul were supposed to come but an emergency kept them away.

Charles and Phyllis live in an idyllic neighborhood just south of Santa Cruz called Rio del Mar.  All 3 of us visitors were green with envy – the Santa Cruz area is just a fantastic place to live.  The area is hilly, lush with huge pines and redwoods, and minutes from the Pacific Ocean.  The place has lots of character and culture.  And you can’t beat the climate – crushes our dismal New England weather.

Map of Santa Cruz area – Rio del Mar is just south of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz is about an hour south of San Jose.

Here are some shots of us.

the 5 of us at hilltop restaurant

charles with 1 of 9 cats me with silly 'hat'

They have lots of cats – 9. DSC00050

And the scenery all around is tremendous.
in monterey     the famous lone cyprus on 17 mile drive

For more photos, click here to see our ‘best of’ slideshow on flickr.

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  1. They do live in Aptos, so your mailing address is correct. Rio del Mar is the specific neighborhood or area they live in. FYI, Aptos isn’t really a town per se, but rather is the name used for a large unincorporated area within Santa Cruz county. Such unincorporated areas don’t really exist in/around Boston where every spec of land is part of a recognized town or city.

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