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Found this very handy online tool that makes it easy for small groups to schedule meeting times. Avoids lengthy back and forths via email. Screenshot (click to enlarge in most browsers)

We used it to plan drinks with a few colleagues from Coba/Granitar and a friend from Sloan will be using soon to schedule a dinner.

Doodle couldn’t be simpler to use. Nobody needs to register to use it – though registering is easy and that’s what I did as the meeting organizer.

To set up an event, you simply give the event a name, then pick a series of possible dates and/or times – as many as you want.

Doodle then creates a little grid with dates/times along one side and spaces for people’s responses along the other.

You can also add descriptive text about the event – including, for instance, location details with links.

Then you get a link to the event page which you forward to the prospective attendees. You can send the link via email or Twitter or Facebook status update or whatever. If by email, you can either enter the email addresses into Doodle and they’ll send it out off their servers. Or you can compose email in your regular email account.

Once they get your invite, your invitees follow the link to your event page where they then type in their name and check off the dates/times that work for them.

Within no time, you’ve narrowed down the possibilities and can choose something that works for the most people.

My review verdict: Two thumbs up!

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UPDATE (Jan 2010): I am still using and so are several of my friends. It still works nicely and I continue to recommend it.

One thought on “ Review: Schedule group get togethers easily”

  1. UPDATE:

    So I’ve now used a few times and it just does the job with no fuzz.

    Just recently a friend of mine started using it, too. She organizes group dinners for 20 or 30 people and finding a workable date has historically been a nightmare requiring dozens of emails over several days before settling on a date.

    Well, with there zero emails and the group converges on a date in the space of a few hours. Her comment:

    “I’m LOVING this site!!!!”

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