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From the Boston Globe Letters to the Editor on 10 Jan 2010. The letter refers to prior comments on the recent surprise election victory by Scott Brown (R) in previously solidly blue Massachusetts:

IN HIS letter to the editor (“ ‘All’ of Mass. not ready to throw support his way,’’ Jan. 22), Mark Bridger writes, “Although Scott Brown won the election, there is a large chunk of Bay Staters he doesn’t seem to represent.’’ Well, yes. That would be roughly the same chunk of Bay Staters who are represented by the other 11 of our 12 representatives in Congress. How do you think non-Democrats felt during the decades that we went without any representation at all? Based on the election results, it seems that 52 percent of the people of Massachusetts now have one representative, and 47 percent have 11 representatives. When it gets to be six and six, then Democrats can start to complain.

Marissa A. Babin, Melrose

Point well made! — and laugh out loud funny at the same time!

The precise math aside, I loved the main point she is making (or at least what I took from it): dems often behave like spoiled children – it is all about them. If they don’t get their way, they will complain at the drop of a hat. Never mind the fact that a different, but also quite large proportion of the populous hasn’t been well represented for decades – that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is the fact that there is a non-zero percentage of possible representation that isn’t speaking for ‘them’. That’s an injustice and anyone who doesn’t see that is an idiot.

Original source: Boston Globe

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