Sears Optical Raccoon Ad

This ad cracks me up!

It reminds of the time years ago when I lived in Back Bay. I kept seeing / hearing an animal scurrying along on a little ledge outside my window. Normally and always at night, I would catch just a bare glimpse of it as it passed – never saw much of anything but a flash of fur going by.

Then one night I was by the window and saw it walk past. Thinking it was a cat from a neighbor’s apartment, I did much as this woman does to try to call it back – making little cooing noises and whatnot. It finally obliged and peeked back around the corner of the window screen and whoa! there was a big ass raccoon staring right at me 6 inches away.

Raccoon!?! Hmmm. Hadn’t considered that one.

I was shocked and stumbled backwards. I think he was shocked, too, cause his little eyes seemed to bug out.

It was very funny. Needless to say, I didn’t seek him out again and made sure my screens were securely in place.


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2 thoughts on “Sears Optical Raccoon Ad”

  1. It reminds me of an experience I had in Denver.

    My ex had a basement apartment, and her neighbor upstairs had this cat that you could say hello to from the kitchen window. Which I was going to do one night, by myself, with the lights out, as the cat seemed to be gawking at me through the screen.

    It wasn’t the cat. As I raised my hand to the screen, the motion sensor on the outside light kicked on, revealing a whole lot-o-raccoons. At least the one closest to me took off. I could only imagine a rabies fur rocket launched at my face and the beginning of a B horror flick.

    I didn’t freak out. But it was sooo gross.

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