Maureen Dowd rips Obama

Geez, the New York Times is really laying into Obama lately. After years of kid glove treatment, they are making up for lost time.

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Latest column by Maureen Dowd is a zinger – New York Times – Maureen Dowd – Withholder in Chief

Some choice excerpts:

“The president has been so spectacularly unable to fill the leadership void in Washington that the high-spirited Michele Bachmann feels free to purloin Obama’s old mantra.”

“Obama’s response on Monday to Friday’s Standard & Poor’s downgrade and to the 22 Navy Seal commandos and 8 other soldiers killed by a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade in Afghanistan was once more too little, too late. It was just like his belated, ineffectual response on the BP oil spill and his reaction to the would-be Christmas Day bomber; it took him three days on vacation in Hawaii to speak about the terrorist incident when the country was scared about national security, and then he spent the next week callously shuttling from the podium to the golf course.”

“After failing to interrupt his Camp David weekend to buck up the country on one of its worst days in history, he tacked on his condolences for the soldiers’ families to his economic pep talk, in what had to be the most inept oratorical segue of his presidency.”

“Speaking from the State Dining Room of the White House, he advised America it was still “a triple-A country” like some cerebral soccer coach urging the kids to win one for the London Interbank Offered Rate.”

The last one made me spit up my tea – ‘win one for the LIBOR’ – oh man, that’s funny as hell.

They also ran a piece on Sunday by Drew Westen titled What Happened to Obama? that was also critical of the President.

Of course, both wish he would be a stronger liberal leader, but the key takeaway is that they acknowledge he isn’t leading anyone anywhere. That’s big.

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