In Memory of Tugga

Tugga in Sanibel pool 2010

My brother’s beautiful dog Tugga passed away on October 20. He’d been slowing down noticeably the past year or so and a steady stream of  health problems was taking it’s toll. So incredibly sad to see him go. He was a wonderful, wonderful dog and a faithful companion to my brother for so many years.

I, too, spent many, many hours with him over the years and am very glad I was able to see him in early October when I went back up north. He was bouncing and happy to see me and I was looking forward to seeing him down here in Florida in a few weeks as they passed thru on the way to Sanibel. It brings tears to my eyes to think he won’t be visiting.

It wasn’t too many years ago that he was crazy healthy and vigorous, fitter and more active than dogs half his age. He was almost always happy, but was at his happiest near water and especially loved chasing sticks tossed out as far as our aging arms could toss them. In his younger years, he almost literally would never tire. In later years, he still enjoyed chomping on a stick til it was shredded in a million pieces.

RIP, Tugga. Dec 1999 – Oct 2011

Tug & Phil at Carleton Willard
Tug & Phil at Carleton Willard
Tug & Sally on Sanibel beach
Tugga in the snow
Tug with a bone. 2007.

Many other great shots of Tug can be found here:

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