Domestic Energy Production: Output on Federal vs. State & Private Lands

The left, and even the President himself, are making a lot of noise about how domestic oil production is up under President Obama policies and leadership. Heretofore, I have understood this increase to be due largely to increases in production on private and state land that is not subject to Federal permitting.

This issue has been highlighted in today’s news stories and it turns out the issue is well studied. Not surprisingly, there is data to illustrate the situation.

According to data published by the Institute for Energy Research, production on Federal lands has declined significantly over the past decade, including a 10%+ decline in 2011. IER is a conservative group and it’s data will, no doubt, be dismissed out of hand by the left. As I often do, I looked for alternative sources with a leftward bent, but none are to be found.

Oil production on private vs. federal land
Source: Institute for Energy Research
Oil Production on Federal Lands
Source: Institute for Energy Research

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