“Starve the Government of Needed Revenue”

OvereatingThe New York Times had another extraordinary editorial today so full of wrong-headed thinking you don’t know where to begin. More Help for the Wealthy.

The piece is about supposedly outrageous efforts by the GOP to implement new laws covering small business. The net effect, The Times believes, is to give the wealthy yet more tax breaks.

Whatever the merits of taxing or not taxing the wealthy more, they lose me immediately in the first paragraph with this line that the effect of the laws will be to ‘…starve the government of needed revenue…’. This is like denouncing calls for the fattest man on the planet to eat just 9 hamburgers instead of 10 today.

Among other wrong-headed ideas, the piece appears to be animated by an underlying belief that the Federal government has to be much, much larger to accomplish what needs to be done. I don’t buy that at all.

Update: My friend Veronica read the piece and wrote back about another outrageous assertion they offer:

“Did I really read this????
“The best way to encourage [small business] success is with continued government spending to support demand”
Sadly, yes, she really did just read that. It would be one thing if these were the musings of some clueless college student, but this is the New York Times. God help us.

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