Beneful: Fighting Back


I was surprised, but pleased to see a full page ad in today’s Sunday New York Times from Beneful that is fighting back against the seemingly unfounded lawsuits that have been filed against them.

They’ve done a nice job with a video that’s part of the larger advertising and informational campaign. It has a nice human feel to it.

Beneful on Facebook

Beneful informational page

Some media coverage…Battling Negative PR, Purina Takes Pride In Beneful

Update 9 Jun. And then, on the other hand, there are these test results I’ve just found from the Association for Truth in Pet Food. Beneful doesn’t do as well as one might like. There are mycotoxins in the food, apparently. The study gives a score of ’32’ and calls that high risk. Not sure how they arrive at that score — the line-by-line data shows them well under the ‘low risk’ range on most items and at or near the low risk mark on a couple. How that translates to an overall score of high risk I’m not sure. Study PDF

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