Family timeline using Tiki-Toki

Tiki-Toki_Kenney Family

Last summer while I was up here in Boston, I spent a lot of time sorting through old family papers – Mom’s and Dad’s stuff – and was inspired to tackle a project that I’d long wanted to do: create some sort of family timeline.

Partly I wanted to do this to keep track of developments in my own life, but also to related that to things going on with other family members, too. So the idea wasn’t so much to do a family tree (which Phil has already done a lot of work on), but something more granular and biographical in terms of events and milestones in our lives.
I looked around at great length to find a web tool for doing this and settled on something called Tiki-Toki. It looks really nice and is quite easy to use.

Link: Kenney family timeline

For the record, all the images shown on the timeline are hosted on my blog If that site goes down, the images will all be lost.

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