Flavonoids Are Found in Fruits and Vegetables

flavonoidsFlavonoids are an important type of micronutrient. There are a huge variety of flavonoids – over 6,000 individual compounds have been identified. What ties them together is that they all share a common chemical structure.

Scientists do not fully understand the impact or health benefits of flavonoids, but some theories are that they:

  • Act as an anti-oxidant
  • Are anti-inflammatory
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Support the nervous system (From whfoods.com – “There is some preliminary evidence that the onset of certain chronic neurodegenerative diseases—including age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s disease—may be delayed when long-term intake of flavonoids has been strong.”)

There are several classes of flavonoids that can be found in various foods:

Anthocyanidins Red, blue, and purple berries; red and purple grapes; red wine
Flavanols Catechins: Teas (particularly green and white), chocolate, grapes, berries, apples
Theaflavins, Thearubigins: Teas (particularly black and oolong)
Proanthocyanidins: Chocolate, apples, berries, red grapes, red wine
Flavanones Citrus fruit and juices, e.g., oranges, grapefruit, lemons
Flavonols Widely distributed: yellow onions, scallions, kale, broccoli, apples, berries, teas
Flavones Parsley, thyme, celery, hot peppers
Isoflavones Soybeans, soy foods, legumes

One reason I’ve been taking CocoaVia is because it is an important source of cocoa flavonols and was cited in a WSJ article by a doctor who works with Alzheimer’s patients…”I have mocha in the morning—CocoaVia, the same [supplement] I tell my patients to use.”

From the CocoaVia website: “Cocoa flavanols are the beneficial phytonutrients (also known as plant-based nutrients) found naturally in cocoa, and no other food on Earth can match cocoa’s unique blend of flavanols. That’s why experts refer to the cocoa bean as nature’s most surprising “superfruit.””

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