Where does sea foam come from?


Quite often on the beach here, we get piles of brownish sea foam. More so than I’ve generally seen on other beaches. You especially see this on days when it is stormy or windy and the sea is churning.

I’ve always wondered what caused it and today, I randomly happened upon the answer: it comes from organic matter that is floating in the sea. When the sea gets particularly churned up, the organic matter forms the foam.

This makes sense since I know the water here is chock full of organic matter that is washing out of the inland rivers and marshes. Even on a good day, the water here is very cloudly and you can always see bits of stuff floating in the water.

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Red-headed Lizard

Broad-headed skink with red head
As I was writing the previous post, there was a cool looking lizard with a red head lounging on the patio. I am new to northeast Florida and hadn’t seen this variety before. He scooted away when a small bird landed nearby.

Quick bit of research indicates this was a male broad-headed skink. Apparently this is the same fellow I sought to identify the other day, except now he’s got a big red head. I gather this is a springtime thing.

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