Bahrain clamping down on sin

Bahrain, which I visited 18 months ago, has long been a favored destination for Saudis and others in the Middle East – a sort of release valve where they can do wild and crazy things like go to the movies, or dine at a restaurant in mixed company (i.e., men and women sitting together! egad!).

Partying in Bahrain!!
Partying in Bahrain!! Source: Wall Street Journal

Of course, some folks take things a bit further, to include drinking and prostitutes, etc., but that’s the way of things.

I recall one night we got lost and ended up in this alley behind a shopping area. All of a sudden we found ourselves stuck in a traffic jam. Turns out, the liquor store was hidden away back there and it was packed to the gills.

Well, maybe this isn’t going to last forever as the Bahrainis are getting tired of being a city of sin destination. They want to shift from a bachelors crowd to a family entertainment destination – more respectable, plus added benefit of higher revenues per person, apparently.

All this is outlined in an interesting story in today’s Wall Street Journal “Upon Sober Reflection, Bahrain Reconsiders the Wages of Sin Review: Simple Profile Bar Creates One-Stop Personal Page

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I’ve been looking for something like this for a while – a way to consolidate in one place all the many webpages about me or by me. I’d like to do it through LinkedIn, but they limit outbound links to just 3 – and I have way more things than that that I’d like to link to.

I’ve tried several other sites and found them too complicated or otherwise lacking. Many of them are trying to do too much — trying aggregrate things across sites or otherwise adding functionality and, in doing so, they become their own source of work and effort. avoids all that and goes for the simple, clean solution. It seems just right to me. It accomplishes the goal while being a snap to set up and dead simple to use.

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My review verdict: 2 thumbs up! Review: Schedule group get togethers easily

Found this very handy online tool that makes it easy for small groups to schedule meeting times. Avoids lengthy back and forths via email. Screenshot (click to enlarge in most browsers)

We used it to plan drinks with a few colleagues from Coba/Granitar and a friend from Sloan will be using soon to schedule a dinner.

Doodle couldn’t be simpler to use. Nobody needs to register to use it – though registering is easy and that’s what I did as the meeting organizer.

To set up an event, you simply give the event a name, then pick a series of possible dates and/or times – as many as you want.

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Funniness from

Excerpt from The Boston Globe ‘G’ weekly magazine article on, a website that let’s you report on all the bad stuff that happens to you.

One of several quotes shown on the cover:

“Today, I was on a small plane. A flight attendant told us that there was too much weight in the front of the plane and they needed 3 people to move to the back of the plane. I volunteer and walk to the back. She says, “Okay, we’re going to need 1 more person.” original source. Date: 30 May 2009.